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Artists That Need More Recognition (Part I)

I'm very new at this, so please bear with my all over the place taste in music. I'm thinking of making this a weekly series of 10 (sometimes less) artists that need more exposition. There's so many incredible musicians out there, and we just wanna help them. For further information, please check out the links. There you'll find tour dates, merch, artwork...

I // Daniel Land is a British songwriter, focused on building dreamy ballads, clearly inspired by bands like Slowdive and An April March.

II // PALIDA is a Chilean experimental project, led by composer Felipe Flores. He constructs loopy, post-rock songs, with a tinge of dread and tension. It's nothing new, but it's worth checking out.

III // Brad Armstrong, a New York-based folk songwriter, hauntingly delivers each word as if it meant everything to him. I ran across his sophomore album not long ago, and the opening track "Brother Ford" caught my attention immediately. Reminds me of "Hurricane" by Bob Dylan.

IV // In the year 2011, I was looking for interesting rock bands, by asking around music forums. Someone pointed me in the direction of New Zealand post-punks stalwarts The Verlaines. Unusually so, they recommended me to read about Graeme Downes' special approach to songwriting, before jumping into the music. I complied. Early last year, they released their latest album, after an 8 year stop. Please enjoy the masterclass in wits that is "Church and State".

V // Art Of Fighting are an Australian band. Their music is quite niche, but once you're sucked into their hypnotic crooning, silky guitars, and great'll never escape. "Luna Low" is their latest record, that opens strongly with "Genie".

VI // I'd never heard of Coach Phillips until I read a "best of the week" article on Bandcamp. Those weekly articles are really great for finding indie rock gems such as the wonderfully catchy "Chastity Jeans". Simplicity has never been better.

VII // Doom/sludge metal are not genres I'm a connoisseur of, so I'll refrain from expanding on what this band is like. All I can say is that if you like riff-based, heart pounding, throat destroying, heavy as hell'll dig this.

VIII // A project appropriately named Sadness was shown to me early last year. A friend thought since I like blackgaze and ambient, that I'd love this. And boy was he right. Not often you listen to someone yelling behind a wall of sound, accompanied by a choir of children. Beast of an album.

IX // Latitudes are a British post-metal band. Their sound is more cinematic than sludgier, I'd say. The first song "Underlie" is a demonstration of how to build up tension properly. It's a foundation for what's to come. The singer's crooning, behind a soft arpeggio that turns into a dark and loud riff....just dreamy.

X // I'll always be an emo kid. Not in looks, but inside my little heart. Bands like lovelettertypewriter (name taken from a song title by emo giants Mineral), they keep my emo levels at bay. Wonderfully crafted music, trust me.


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