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Glass Houses return with "Lost Choices"

Glass Houses full band picture

Glass Houses, a metalcore band from Fargo, North Dakota, make their return on Oct. 19 with new single, “Lost Choices”. This is the first new material from the band since 2016’s debut release “Wellspring”.

“Lost Choices”, co-written with Josh “KJ” Strock of post hardcore band The White Noise, shows an improved focus on lyric writing as well as a laser-sharp focus on composing the best music to go with it. Like “Flatwoods”, “Choices” has similarly dark lyrics that pack a punch: I think I'm building my casket/I'm building my grave/too bad it's so far away. The music is moody, atmospheric and dark, especially when it comes to the guitars. They add an extra feeling of loneliness to the song. The music also perfectly complements the opening vocals from bassist Mark Sands.

There was only one spot that stuck out like a sore thumb: the last line of the chorus. I feel like the band was almost onto something profound with “if I don’t make the choice/then the choices make me” but it’s lost the minute lead vocalist Josh Haider scream/sings,“I can't believe this is how it's gotta, how it's gotta be.”

Depending on who’s listening, that line could be taken as the anguished expression I think the band was trying for or it could be something that makes listeners scoff and skip the song entirely. For what seemed like it was supposed to be a heartrending (and relatable) realization, I wanted Haider and Co. to paint more of a picture; make me want to grab my chest and say “whoa”.

Glass Houses’ sound has matured more on this single, though, and this is a great song to jam out to in your car, bus, LYFT, etc. If you want to hear it as soon as you open Spotify on Friday, use this link to pre-save the song.

The band is also hinting that there may be more to come from “Lost Choices” as they’ve released the teaser below, which is as delightfully moody and dark as the song.

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