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Too Close To Touch at Warped 2016

Photo credit: Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch is a rock band from Lexington, KY, who got 2016 to work for them. After a successful run on Warped Tour, the band released their sophomore album, “Haven’t Been Myself”, to critical acclaim. The band is known for their heart piercing lyrics, especially on "Myself”, as the last track on the album, “Eiley” is about how lead singer Keaton Pearce dealt with his younger sister’s death.

Funny story about this interview: I was in the Warped Tour press area waiting for another artist to be done so I could take him back to the radio station I was with. Pearce and Kenneth Downey, Too Close’s drummer, were just hanging out since another publication stood them up. Since I had to wait anyway, I figured ‘hey why don’t I ask if I can interview them?’ So I did.

We talked about gangster rap, tattoos, APMAs panels, and favorite songs to play. Click here to listen to the full interview.

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